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Nemophila parviflora is called smallflower baby blue eyes while nemophila spatulata is known as sierra baby blue eyes. Use it as a groundcover or plant it in containers.

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Nemophila pulchella is also known by the common name eastwood s baby blue eyes.

Baby blue eyes flower. Golden california poppies get all the glory and it s true that a hillside ablaze in spring is hard to beat but don t shortchange another native wildflower with the perhaps too cute name of baby blue eyes nemophila menziesii pools and puddles of these pale blue flowers drench hillsides for weeks in march and april. These flowers are also called as baby blue eyes. Baby blue eyes nemophila menziesii is a low spreading shrub like plant that has succulent stems and flowers with six curved blue petals.

This versatile native american wildflower also known as california blue bells is perfect in beds and containers or as an annual groundcover. Til the mornin through. The pure blue color of this flower speaks of how the blue depths of the waters reflect the spiritual heavens.

You can expect baby blue eyes flowers in late winter where temperatures are moderate and the plant blooms until late spring to early summer. How to grow nemophila plants guide to growing baby blue eyes flowers five spot. Baby blue eyes a low growing annual that bears dainty blue and white flowers adds splashes of color to the landscape from late winter to late spring early summer depending upon where you live.

Here in the midwest the flower is most often used as a spring annual. Can t get you out of my mind baby stand here holdin my sides close your baby blue eyes. The blue flowers have a romantic soft hue that shows well with other pastel flowers as part of a native wildflower garden.

Til the mornin through the night. Baby blue eyes may get 6 to 12 inches high and over a foot wide. The baby blue eyes seems to mine the water deeply hidden in the individual s soul helping the soul to encounter and heal its innate sensitivity.

In california it is known as a wildflower so is a rather drought tolerant plant as most natives can be. And i may feel like a fool but i m the only one dancin with those baby baby blue eyes stay with me by my side. Baby blue eyes is a wave of true blue color in early spring.

Every moment feels right. Baby baby blue eyes stay with me by my side. This makes growing nemophila plants of great use for rock gardens or at the front of borders.

Charming little blue flowers with white eyes adorn fern like foliage and capture the heart of all who pass by. Growing only 6 tall with a spread to 12 nemophila often overwinters in mild climates zone 7 and above where it blooms in early spring. Nemophila is a genus of hardy annuals that reach from 15 to 30 cm in height.

Farther north it flowers from early to midsummer. Nemophila represents victory and success. Plant it in wildflower gardens in rock gardens or massed in borders.

Nemophila menziesii is commonly known as baby blue eyes. They bloom from the middle of summer until the first frost of winter and carry cup shaped flowers with white petals that have blue veins and. This video consists of amazing and most beautiful nemophila flowers.

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