Philippines National Flower

Sampaguita is currently the national send flowers philippines. Although the flower is pantropic philippines still considered the flower as one their few native flowers along with the ylang ylang and the waling waling flowers.

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Common name is arabian jasmine.

Philippines national flower. Sampaguita the philippine national flower is called sampaguita which is generally known as the arabian jasmine. Common name is arabian jasmine. The sampaguita is also known as the arabian jasmine.

The sampaguita jasminum sambac serves as the national flower of this flowery country while the national leaf of the philippines is anahaw. Jasminumsambac is the scientific name of jasmine. The sampaguita first became the national flower of the philippines in 1934.

The wite color represents purity simplicity humility and strength. The national flower of philippine is sampaguita. Sampaguita or arabian jasmine jasminium sambac philippine sampaguita flower is a white star shaped blossom which has a sweet fragrance.

The white flowers are often made into wreath and its extract made into perfumes. Thus there is a total of twelve official national symbols passed through philippine laws. National tree narra.

The philippine government elevated the little flower to its current status when then governor general frank murphy issued proclamation no. The philippines adopted the sampaguita arabian jasmine jasminum sambac in 1934 as its national flower because it symbolises purity and cleanliness due to its colour and sweet smell. It belongs to the family of oleaceae order of lamiales and kingdom of plantae.

Its white color symbolizes purity simplicity humility and strength. Aside from those stated symbols in the constitution and in republic act 8491 there are only six official national symbols of the philippines enacted through law namely sampaguita as national flower narra as national tree the philippine eagle as national bird philippine pearl as national gem arnis as national martial art and sport and the filipino sign language as the national sign language. National flower sampaguita.

Its scientific name is jasmine sambac also known as arabian jasmine asian jasmine sacred jasmine sambac jasmine and asiatic jasmine. Other native and popular flowers in philippines the country has its strengths for cut flower production. It is popularly strung into garlands that are presented to visitors and dignitaries and is a common offering to religious images.

Sampaguita is the national flowerof philippines. It opens at night and droops in less than a day.

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