What Is October S Birth Flower

Learn more on our october birth flower page. They were first discovered in the 16th century by the portuguese in central america who then introduced the flower to parts of europe and india.

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It s celebrated for both its beauty and versatility which makes it a popular option for those looking for low maintenance high impact shrub.

What is october s birth flower. Learn more on our november birth flower page. October birth flower is marigold also known as the herb of the sun. Sometimes called summer bride or husbandmans dial because it s flower head follows the sun.

Most of the marigolds are of orange yellow and golden color. What does october mean. October was the 8th month of the year on the julian calendar and the 10th on the gregorian one.

Oh wait that s not the entire month. Nonetheless there are people world wide who anticipate the halloween season with similar zeal as yule christmas. The marigold s flower meaning is winning grace once considered the most sacred of flowers in india it was placed around the necks of holy statues.

Marigolds were initially symbolic of grief and despair over a loved one. For the hindus the month of october is associated with festivals like dusshera and diwali and marigold although a relatively recent introduced flower from the new world has come to be an auspicious flower is part of religious ceremonies. Marigold also called calendula is the october birth flower.

The november birth flower is the chrysanthemum. October s birth flower is a bold and beautiful marigold a plant native to the mediterranean. October birthstone zodiac sign flower number more.

Marigold or calendula is the flower associated with october. Both of the october birth flowers marigolds and cosmos are colorful annuals that thrive in full sun. The december birth flowers are the narcissus paperwhite and the holly.

The reason why it is associated with the sun is because of it s color. The october flower is marigold. The october birth flowers are the marigold and cosmos.

What is the october s birth flower. December narcissus holly. Learn the symbolism behind each flower.

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